Friends of Jack Harris

This photo collage is of all FOJs - Friends of Jack Harris

Where in the World Are The Missing Nameplates?

The missing Polombo nameplates caused quite a stir in the Phoenix PD. It appears that our fans have caught on and Polombo nameplates are appearing all around the globe. If anyone wants to make up their own nameplate the font is Times New Roman. "Homicide Sergeant" is 80% of scale with a 48 font and un-bolded. The name, "Mike Polombo" is 100% scale with a 72 font bold. You may try it in Microsoft Word. It works perfectly. Just make sure all the letters align perfectly as in these examples. It will cost you about $6-$7 at any local awards shop, but the long-term rewards are priceless. Tell them you need a 2X8 and a 2X6, etched black lettering on silver and they should have it done in about 20-30 minutes. You can also bring in a copy of any of these photos and any good reputable nameplate guy can make an exact copy.

The Funny Photos From the Blogs

The question and comment we always receive is "where do you find those photos?" We find them everywhere and we will post them here for you to enjoy. WARNING: These are not for the weak and Faint of Heart. Don't look at them unless you have a bent sense of humor!

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